Comprehensive pricing and reporting system for control of your business's financial system

Price list module and invoices:

  • Price list system for customer, driver / carrier
  • Pricing according to all parameters of transportation: origin, destination, type of cargo, weight, volume, etc.
  • Automatic price raising / lowering mechanism.
  • Trucking collection mechanism and invoice generator
  • Mechanism of collecting leads for a credit memo to a contractor
  • Interfaces to Nahash systems

Customer management module:

  • customer details
  • Obligo
  • Call management
  • Complaint management

Financial Reporting Module:

  • Revenue report by customer
  • Revenue report by vehicle
  • Revenue report by trailer
  • Reporting profit activity of sub-carriers
  • Expenditure report by vehicle, supplier
  • Profit report includes vehicle revenue less expenses
  • Report of trucking activity in various sections
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